2008年、MASAHIRO 3.84氏を経由してクラブで知り合い意気投合した、
ハイパー系のコンポーザーであるARK-DOEと ラッパーのぱっちという
その GROOVE感は 互いに新しい試みであり、刺激的な風を生み出す。
2009年にはACID ROOMにてMASAHIRO 3.84氏オーガナイズのクラブパーティで

The new organization was formed by two of music's composer ARK-DOE and rapper Patch met at a Sapporo ACID ROOM over the 2008's MASAHIRO 3.84, it is months.
ARK-DOE woven expressive sound of the rapper and powerful straight Patch
Its a new attempt is uplifting each other and create an exciting style.
In 2009, first performed live at club party organized by MASAHIRO 3.84 been to a club, and is currently also working on new songs.



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